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Opening Your Frozen Garage Door

Did you know the cold weather can impact your garage door and opener? Extreme elements like sub-zero temperatures, wind, snow, and ice can cause problems for your garage doors and openers, including causing your door to freeze to the floor.

The #1 rule to follow when cold weather strikes: We know it’s cold but first take a look at the outside of the door, look for ice where the door meet the concrete. IF your door does not open on the first try, STOP. DO NOT continue to try to operate the opener more than once when your garage door is frozen shut.  In colder weather, openers are not designed to dead lift a door or work harder than a person lifting the door. Trying to open a garage door that is frozen shut can cause damage to your opener or door. Older openers can continue to run & burn up a belt or strip the drive gear and your opener may then need to be replaced.

If you determine your garage door is frozen shut, with reasonable care and tools that will not damage the door try to break the door loose from the ice to free your door. This can cause the weather seal to rip and cause a larger issue allowing cold air, snow, and water to enter your garage. You can also use ice melt/salt to help, however, you should sweep any excess away once the ice is melted as this can cause corrosion of the panel & possibly damage your weather seal if left in contact for extended periods.

You can also try to manually open your garage door. You’ll want to use the release cord to separate the door from the opener. Grab the cord and pull it to release the door, and then, if you can, manually open and shut the door a few times to loosen frozen sections and dislodge frost from the weather seal.

If possible, never let ice and/or snow accumulate in the area in front or underneath the door. If you know there is inclement weather is heading your way, there are some steps you can take to help keep your garage door from freezing.

  • When removing any snow from your driveway or around your garage door, leave your garage door shut to keep any snow from entering your garage. Shovel the snow in front of your door panels before you open it.
  • Wipe up any excess water or snow before your close your garage door.

If you are still unable to open your door, or you do not feel comfortable manually opening your door, it’s time to call your friendly experts at Wayne. Our team can help troubleshoot any additional issues your door might be having.

Call our team for any questions or to schedule a service appointment today at 330-343-6679.

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