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Haas doors are manufactured in Wauseon Ohio.

Element Central Vacuums feature powerful suction to remove 100% of vacuumed dirt and dust from your home.  This ensures a clean healthy living environment improving air quality and reducing allergens by 61%.  With a standard vacuum cleaner, fine dust particles and bacteria circulate in the home to aggravate allergy and asthma sufferers.  When vacuuming with a central vacuum system you’ll never experience the recirculation of dirt and odors.  Your home stays clean and fresh while your family stays healthier.

Yes, we have software that can show you different styles of entry doors on your house to help with your decision of choosing the perfect entry door.

Provia offers a lifetime warranty on all their glass, with the exception of the glass with the mini blinds installed.

Yes, we service all brands of Central Vacuums.

Element Central Vacuum power units are made right here in Ohio and have a lifetime warranty.  The Electric power brush, hose, and attachments have a 3-year warranty.

Installed systems start out around  $2,000. We would love to work up a free estimate to meet all your needs based on your house.

Insulation adds strength to the door and helps prevent sweating. Insulation also gives the door a finished look on the inside.

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