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Enhancing Productivity with High-Speed Rubber Doors

Addressing Operational Challenges with a Durable Solution

A significant challenge presented itself to one of our customers. Their sectional door was negatively affecting the speed and productivity of their daily operations and was continually getting damaged. With the door primarily being used during the winter months, this became a constant inconvenience not only for productivity but also for the comfort and safety of their employees. We opted for the Hörmann TRN-23-1191 High Duty, High-Performance Rubber Door, known for its efficiency, durability, and safety features.

Sectional garage door that was removed and replaced.

High-Speed, High-Performance TRN-23-1191 Rubber Door for Superior Efficiency

Implementing this high-performance TRN-23-1191 rubber door completely transformed their operation. The opening speed dramatically surged from 12 inches per second to a remarkable 40 inches per second. As a result, there was a substantial increase in speed and productivity, which also significantly improved employee satisfaction levels. Yet, the advantages offered by this resilient, high-performance rubber door aren’t limited to these aspects alone.

Our team added framing in order to securely mount the TRN-23-1191 Rubber Rolling Door.

Minimizing Maintenance Expenses with Impact-Resistant TRN-23-1191 Rubber Door

Our customer faced a significant challenge with their sectional door, which not only hindered daily operations but also incurred expenses due to frequent damage, resulting in longer lead times for replacement sections and increased downtime. However, with the installation of the Hormann TRN-23-1191 High Duty, High-Performance Rubber Door, expenses associated with service or replacement drastically dropped. Additionally, these high-duty TRN-23-1191 rubber doors offer more than just durability; they also boast user-friendly features, further enhancing their value.

Prioritizing Safety with Automated TRN-23-1191 Rubber Door

We amplified the door’s usability by fitting it with an LED Lite-Advance bar. This supplemental feature offers a clear indication of the door’s status using a strip of color-changing LED lights – providing employees a quick reference to whether it’s open or closed, thus enhancing operational safety and convenience. Additionally, we further outfitted the rubber door with op an eye-level window, primarily to boost visibility and ensure traffic safety. With this being an area with high foot traffic, this window helps minimize and prevent a “struck by incidents”  The solutions of the TRN-23-1191 rubber door present a synergy of safety and efficiency.

The TRN Rubber Rolling Door fully installed, enhanced with an LED Lite Advance Bar and Window.

Outfitting your facility with a Hörmann TRN High Duty, High-Performance Rubber Door can drastically improve productivity, reduce maintenance costs, and ensure safety. From their exceptional speed to their robust build, these doors are a practical investment for any business seeking a blend of efficiency and durability.

Don’t let operational challenges hinder your facility’s productivity. Take advantage of our industry-leading solution and experience a new level of efficiency and safety. Ready to enhance your operations with our high-speed, high-performance rubber doors?

Contact us today for a free quote or to learn more. Let Wayne Doors help you boost your productivity, reduce costs, and ensure safety. You deserve the best, and we’re eager to deliver it.

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